The Unique Legend 2 — The Ancient Night Vol. 1 (Chapter 10 Part 4)

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Chapter 10: The Ghost Gate (Part 4)

This mountain was more vast than I imagined.

Perhaps because we were chasing against time, Asrian and the rest ran so fast without leaving their shadow. Thankfully the Lewd Horse would leave some light behind whenever he passed by so I wouldn’t lose my way as I followed the glowing path.

But it was rather scary to be running alone, especially when I already knew that there were the Ghost gate and Ghost races… I won’t suddenly run into something that would chop me up, right?

This thought made me quickly hold tightly to Minas and speed up.

After running for about five minutes, the forest around suddenly let out sounds of branches breaking. Then, a big black lump of stuff dropped down.

Back then, my first reaction was to shoot. But I stopped myself after seeing clearly what that stuff was.

One of the four furry Mountain Goblins that were escaping earlier dropped in front of me for some reason.

“Ah–” The Mountain Goblin, who was equally very startled that his fur stood up, screamed at me and stopped after realising who I was, “Black creature, black creature!”

“It’s the Ghost Race. Stop shouting or they’ll appear!” Grabbing his hair, I quickly scanned around, luckily they really didn’t appear, “Did you guys not know that the path was the Ghost gate?” I thought the creatures in the Sealed World are as knowledgeable as Senior Gasai and the rest. Turns out that they are also country-pumpkins around too.

“That is the Dark Path.” The long fur Mountain Goblin, who stubbornly refused to change the term, removed his hair from my grip, “It’s filled with dark existence.” Finishing his words, he revealed another terrifying look and then chanted in a weird language and prayed around in a praying pose.

Although I really wanted to kick his butt, I faintly heard some small voices from within the dried forest. Ignoring whether the Mountain Goblin had finished his prayer or not, I grabbed him and quickly ran towards the glowing path.

I really want to cry. I didn’t expect there would be a day where I have to drag someone along and run.

Or should I say that I’ve levelled up! The one who was being dragged along used to be me…Actually, I’m still being dragged along now.

In confusion, the Mountain Goblin let out sounds of protest, but he obediently shut up and was dragged by me the moment he saw a few shadows chasing behind.

Knowing that I couldn’t outrun those creatures behind, I quickly focused to let the wind current concentrate on the hand that was holding onto Minas.

“Circle of wind, song of air, bless the departure of disaster and the arrival of protection.”

A gush of warm wind flushed into Minas’ bullet slot.

Anin helped me in improving this method after realising that I knew these spells.

A faint sound rang that signalled the completion of the bullet. I fired a shot behind me without any hesitation. As expected, I heard angry roars and violent explosions from behind. This made me confirm that they would be slowed down.

“There’s a small path that leads to the Dark Path.” The Mountain Goblin that I was grabbing fidgeted his limps randomly to point towards another direction.

His movements also made me slow down.

“We’re following the light!” Who knows what’ll happen if we take the wrong path!

“It’s very fast. Only the Mountain Goblins know about this.” This time, the Mountain Goblin grabbed onto my hand instead, and insisted on taking the small path.

Before the second batch of Ghost races caught up to us, I heard the clanging sounds from earlier, and the black knives in the Ghost races’ hands were drilled with holes again — the weaker knives even broke instantly.

This time I’m certain that someone was helping us.

Noticing that I was distracted, the long fur Mountain Goblin grabbed me towards the dark little path*.

[t/n: The term dark path here literally describes the path that has no lights, which is different from the term ‘Dark Path’ that refers to the Ghost gate.]

This made me panic. A place with light is always better than a place without. The long fur Mountain Goblin dragged me towards the small path that deviated away.

As I couldn’t see too clearly, I only felt that a large pile of leaves brushed past my face and body, causing me great pain. Also, the long fur Mountain Goblin who could not understand that I was at least twice his height kept dashing into mini small paths. I stumbled as he continued dragging me along and had no idea where I was going exactly.

There was completely no sense of time in darkness. After being dragged along for a while, I lost my footing and rolled down a presumed slope. I finally stopped rolling after a distance, feeling dizzy.

“We’re here!” The joyful Mountain Goblin also fell next to me after rolling down as well.

The surroundings lighted up.

That wasn’t the silver-blue glow like the Lewd Horse, but rather a fierce flame.

I shook my head and took a clear look at my surroundings. There was a second where I wanted to just shoot at the Mountain Goblin’s head and make his death anniversary one year from now.

That was a campfire. It was burning the dried tree branches and was roasting something unknown on it.

The Ghost races circled around the flames and their vision has all turned towards us.

And we just happened to fall right in the middle.

“The Dark Path!”

The Mountain Goblin, who still hasn’t figured out the situation, pulled me up and reached out his hand to introduce me as if he was a tour guide.

I already don’t know what else to say to him. In fact, I think I might cuss at him if I were to speak. I only patted the Mountain Goblin’s shoulder, gesturing to him to take a good look around.

“Ah–” The Mountain Goblin screamed.

I should be the one screaming right now instead! I clearly said I wanted to follow the path taken by the Lewd Horse and the rest!

The Ghost races surrounded us. In this situation, I was already contemplating whether or not to write my will — I wonder if they’d give me five minutes to write it.

“Everyone, move!”

I probably have never missed the Five-Coloured Rooster’s voice this badly in my entire life.

But hasn’t he already run a distance? Why did he come after us?

So this path was actually a shortcut. As long as the exit was not this shitty place, I might have been very thankful towards this damn Mountain Goblin.

 The Five-Coloured Rooster, with both beast class on his hands, brilliantly plunged out from the forest on the other end of the campfire under the glow of the flames. Before the Ghost races around him could react, they were  being punched away.

In less than half a second, they immediately noticed that the colourful creature was more threatening than us. Majority of them turned to attack the Five-Coloured Rooster, which also bought me time to set up a protective barrier.

A Purplish-blue electric spell enclosed the Mountain Goblin and I in a circle. I learnt this when I was out with Leido and the rest. A few Ghost races who were nearby approached us but the moment they touched the zone, they were electrocuted and even gave off a burnt smell.

“Hah! I’m known for the blade of Jianghu, and on behalf of the sun, I shall exterminate creatures like you who disappear with light!”

Ignoring the numbers of Ghost races here, the Five-Coloured Rooster who just wanted to beat whoever he saw once again punched away those Ghost races who surrounded him.

Oh right. The Five-Coloured Rooster does have the ability of a Purple Robe so it looked like these low-level Ghost races couldn’t do anything to him.

“Ziray!” After confirming my own safety, I shouted towards that brat who was happily stacking the Ghost races into a mountain.

The Five-Coloured Rooster who finally realised my presence kicked away something next to him, and then did two somersaults to stand in front of our barrier, “How can my servant walk in front of me!”

Do you think I wanted to? I’m also a victim!

I couldn’t be bothered to say more, so I fired a shot at the Ghost races nearby. “The Ghost gate seems to be here. Is there a way to find it?” I’m not as capable as them in detecting aura of strength so usually Yado and the rest are the ones finding it when I’m with them.

“Do you think I’m a rescue dog? Shouldn’t my servant be doing the searching instead?!” The Five-Coloured Rooster who would rather fight the Ghost races answered.

“Based on my experience, there are higher level Ghost races near the Ghost gate instead of these minions.”

“Then let’s go immediately!”

The Five-Coloured Rooster who changed his mind in an instant took a deep breath and swiftly defeated the Ghost races around, “Let’s go!”

I wonder if I should regret the words I just said because I honestly rather wait till Asrian and the rest to catch up before going over…

“Over there.” The darn Mountain Goblin who knew the way pointed the other side from where we rolled down. There was a well hidden cave, covered with layers of dried vines. There were also sounds of the Ghost races coming from around, “An underground passage.”

“Charge!” The Five-Coloured Rooster bypassed the electric barrier and dashed right into the cave.

My eyelashes jumped  as I witnessed this.

Don’t tell me that I will be in such a situation for the subsequent trip! I suddenly feel that my future is very bleak–

I wonder if it is still possible to ask the Guild to cancel this mission. I’m still not too far from school so I can still return…

The Ghost races who got beaten up by the Five-Coloured Rooster stood up. I quickly fired a few shots, grabbed the Mountain Goblin and then followed the Five-Coloured Rooster into the cave.

To my surprise, there weren’t many Ghost races inside the cave. It was a very narrow passage that could only fit two people walking side-by-side and we only met one or two Ghost races who were coming out after running a distance.

There was a foul stench of decay in the cave.

Running in front, the Five-Coloured Rooster was completely unaffected and easily dissected the corpses obstructing the passage and then dashed to the very end.

The passage wasn’t very long. I could sense that the cave was dug downwards so it was much easier to run downslope and it didn’t take much time to reach till the end. There was an underground stone cave that was about the size of a classroom.

After summoning the light from the Light and Shadow Village, the first thing we saw was the Ghost gate that was still radiating light. In front of the Ghost gate was a half-snake bodied woman.

It wasn’t like the frightening methods that The Ghost King Bishen or The Ghost King Yeliu have, but rather a Ghost race that underwent just a little more deformation than us. She looked like a gatekeeper that directs those low-level Ghost races, but her level didn’t appear to be very high either.

Seeing us dashing over and even illuminated the space, that half-snake woman got a shock, likely because she never expected an orc or a human to appear here.

Lowly races–” With half her body covered in green scales and her skin grey in colour, the snake woman’s throat let out a muddy roar of anger.

“Accept your death!” Clearly not letting the person finish her words, the Five-Coloured Rooster immediately charged forward upon seeing a creature that was different from the low-levelled Ghost races.

I quickly ran over and maintained a distance as I watched the Ghost gate being activated.

This was different from what I saw in the Black dorm. Back then because I had the bullet given by Senior, I could successfully destroy the Ghost gate. But I really don’t know what to do right now since I have never single-handedly destroyed such a thing before.

“The Dark Path!” The Mountain Goblin panic screams came from behind again.

I could only think of one solution.

“Knock me out.” It might be faster to ask Senior for a solution in the dream, although I think he will beat me up first, I find that if I were to ask the Five-Coloured Rooster instead he would say to just attack till the Ghost gate is sealed.

If we were to attack till the Ghost gate is sealed, I would have probably also lost my life!

The Mountain Goblin’s hair stood up again, clearly my suggestion has startled him.

“One must not run away from reality!” He pointed at me and said in a furious tone.

Who says that I was running away from reality. If I wanted to run away from reality, I would have asked someone to knock me out when I met you guys! Why the hell did I even come over right in the middle of the night to extinguish this Ghost gate instead of sleeping!

Who was all of this thanks to!

Looking at the furry Mountain Goblin suddenly made me want to strangle his short neck.

“I’m not running away from reality!” Not knowing where to start explaining, I turned to look at the half-snake woman who was already fighting with the Five-Coloured Rooster. I don’t want to put all my hopes on him.

Just when I was hesitating, the entrance of the underground cave abruptly rang with a few sounds of explosions. Then, a large volume of dust and hot air gushed in from where we came from.

The people outside have commenced a large-scale attack and I can even tell who they were by using my knees to think.

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