The Unique Legend 2 — The Ancient Night Vol. 1 (Chapter 11 Part 1)

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Chapter 11: The Deep Secret (Part 1)

The Five-Coloured Rooster gave the half-snake woman a shoulder flip.

I heard the sounds of explosions continuing outside but they never approached the cave. I guess the Tripping Prince and the others were focusing on eliminating the large numbers of Ghost races outside.

“The Path,” The Mountain Goblin laid next to the stone and watched the Ghost gate’s spell gradually spinning. There were also odd words that also faintly gave off light rays, he said. “To the Dark Place.”

With him mentioned so, I immediately recalled that Ghost gates are connected to the Hell World where the Ghost Race and Demons reside.

The Dark world where Nunali came from.

“Do you want to go?” Standing behind me, the Mountain Goblin suddenly revealed an eerie smile which gave me goosebumps all over.

I saw an unfriendly look on his face.

A puddle of water splashed up from beside me, then Minas wrapped around me in her water-form to completely cut me away from the Mountain Goblin.

Get away from us!” Minas’ tone was very serious as she waved out her palm, the water particles immediately turned into sharp daggers pointing at the Mountain Goblin.

That Mountain Goblin only maintained his eerie smile.

Down there!

The Lewd Horse’s voice sounded in my head. It appears that they are within my audible range. Indeed within a few minutes, a very loud and solid blast came from the cave, then dust and hot air gushed into the cave.

The overwhelming amount of dust gushed upwards and blocked our vision.

Under the blurry vision, I heard a few “cling clang” sounds. When the dust scattered away, that Mountain Goblin had already fainted on the ground. Around him were three crystal beads and his dagger that was dropped on the other side.

Was he trying to attack me during the blast? Why?

I don’t think that this Mountain Goblin knew I was a Demon Master when we first met but besides this, I can’t think of why the Mountain Goblin would want to chop my head for nothing. He’s not like the Five-Coloured Rooster who takes chopping people as a means to train his fists.

Could it be that my face naturally looks like it’s asking  for a beating? How is that possible?!

Just when I was questioning myself, the half-snake woman who was fighting with the Five-Coloured Rooster let out a shriek. I turned my head to only see the Five-Coloured Rooster’s claws protruding out her back, mixed with black blood and flesh. As she failed to struggle out of his claws, the half-snake woman wriggled her body and continued wailing.

The next moment, the Five-Coloured Rooster pulled his claws towards the side and the female demon was torn into two-halves alive, with both parts of her body still twitching around.

After the female demon collapsed on the ground, a white object with a faint silver glow escaped from the cave and ran towards me.

Uwa, those creatures outside are so ugly–” The Lewd Horse cried as he ran towards me.

It’s useless to run towards me. There isn’t anything beautiful here for you to soothe your soul.

Indeed, after the Lewd Horse’s appearance was Asrian’s. He was totally astonished when he saw me, then he turned to look behind and turned back to look at me again, somewhat in disbelief that we arrived before them.

I shrugged my shoulders at him. After all, the Mountain Goblin who brought me here is currently lying on the ground and I don’t even know whether he was trying to hurt me or to help me.

Eh? There’s something odd on him.” After the Lewd Horse was done screaming around at the side, he turned around, raked the ground with his hoof, and snorted in anger at the Mountain Goblin who was knocked out.

Manipulation spell.” Spinning the water droplets around me, Minas also pointed at the Mountain Goblin and told me this.

I let Minas return into my Illusionary Weapon pouch and then squat down to remove the Mountain Goblin’s shirt. As expected, there was a blurred black tattoo from his neck till the left side of his chest. It was already smudged so I couldn’t tell what it was.

“It’s a form of spell from the Ghost Race that can implant evil thoughts in living creatures. After the creature has deformed, it will also become a Ghost race.” Asrian squatted next to me and reached out his hand to press on the tattoo.

“The traces of the Dark shall be defeated by the protection of the surging winds, the God of travellers shall overlook the power of evil. As the representative of Tegtean, I shall lead the lost living creature towards the right path.” 

As if he was reciting a short chant, together with his voice, a faint light appeared below Asrian’s hand. When the chant ended, he lifted his hand and the tattoo on the Mountain Goblin’s body had already disappeared.

“What’s Tegtean?” While supporting the Mountain Goblin to the side, I asked Asrian who was collecting his breath.

After around two seconds, he then turned to give me a smile, “It’s the God of travellers, the God who protects the travellers — Tegtean. He was also the earliest originator of the Hunters. Chants that borrow His name can cleanse some bad marks. It is a common method we use as Hunters. Besides that, part of my name also originated from His real name.”

I nodded my head. This sounded like the same as when we believe in Mazu or God, like how humans would shout out loud “Protect me, Mazu” or “Save me, God” when we’re in deep danger so I think it has a similar effect.

Then I think the Tripping Prince’s belief is probably some kind of God of Bomb…SuperBomb?

I suddenly recalled the game I enjoyed playing when I was a child. It really makes me lament. I was still so innocent back then and now I have gradually assimilated myself into this alien world.

The expressions of the Tripping Prince who was walking behind looked like he really wanted to step on the Mountain Goblin. He gracefully swept away the dust on himself and stood in front of the Ghost gate. Then, he took out some fine golden powder from his pocket. When the golden powder was scattered on the Ghost gate, the Ghost gate let out a weird noise and stopped working.

So all Black Robes possess the power to destroy Ghost gates.

I am now glad that the Mountain Goblin didn’t end up knocking me out, otherwise besides being beaten up by Senior, I deeply believe that the Tripping Prince would also cease the chance to finish me off.

“Which point should it be connected to detect it?” Standing up, Asrian looked at the Ghost gate that had stopped working. Its frame that was radiating some light has also begun to darken down.

“Hmph.” The Tripping Prince only replied with a sound.

On the other side, the Five-Coloured Rooster who has already beaten up the half-snake woman into sauce walked over as he flung away the black traces of blood on his hand, “Tch tch, you brats took too long. I have already headed straight for the boss and eliminated all the enemies before you people come over for shopping.”

Pressing down the Tripping Prince who was about to burst in anger, Asrian wore his usual smile, “Ziray’s very capable. I think you could still easily clean up this area of Ghost races without our help.”

“Hah! Glad that you know.” The Five-Coloured Rooster happily turned around — turned to my side, “Yang~ I dealt with this big one!”

“Oh oh. You’re amazing.” I was only left with just patting his head.

Huff huff huff–” The Lewd Horse let out a weird laughter.

Turning around, Asrian was looking at the Ghost gate and then he took a step back.

“The other side has shut the Ghost gate. We can’t track them.” The Tripping Prince turned to look at him.

“Then we can only destroy it.” Asrian and him both nodded their heads and then let us retreat to the entrance of the cave.

I actually somewhat noticed that Asrian and the Tripping Prince coordinate with each other pretty well. Of course Asrian coordinates well with many people, but when he has a very natural reaction it comes to the Tripping Prince. As expected for partners who have once worked with each other, even if they were fighting to the extent of wanting to strangle the other to death, they would still cooperate the very next second.

I think I could understand the Tripping Prince’s feeling more or less. If he had a less bitchy mouth, perhaps Asrian would be very glad to be his partner.

Being left behind, the Tripping Prince raised his hand and a few red light spots slowly fluttered to surround the Ghost gate. Just as he retreated to where we were at, those light spots then let out a stuffy explosive sound, then the Ghost gate spell trembled and finally collapsed.

The totem that activated the Ghost gate suddenly scattered on the ground like powder.

The cave shook a bit then gradually swayed.

“Let’s head back up.” Asrian carried the Mountain Goblin on his back and rushed us.

“Tch. Boring.” The Five-Coloured Rooster who clearly has not satisfied himself yet stuffed his hand in the pockets of his floral pants and swung up.

I caught a glimpse of the Tripping Prince cleaning up the body of the half-snake woman that has turned greyish-black and followed up. When I exited the cave, there was nothing left except the bonfire outside. There was some black dirt that didn’t get blown away by the wind remaining on the ground but disappeared not long after.

This made me understand that the Tripping Prince and Asrian’s abilities were indeed much higher than ours since they completely wiped out these Ghost races without using much time.

Slightly cleaning up the vicinity for a while, Asrian placed the Mountain Goblin aside and picked up some dried branches to relight the bonfire.

The Lewd Horse sat next to me, “The pollution from Ghost races is really strong over here. Even the trees are almost dead.

“Just like those at our side.” Seeing the dried forest, jungles that were destroyed all looked almost like this. Probably because the Ghost races have been wiped out and that the Tripping Prince and Asrian were both here, I no longer felt the fear that I had when we first came over. This jungle that was almost about to die only gave me a sense of despair.

Right when everyone had quietened down, there was some movement nearby, and then a few furry Mountain Goblins popped their heads out from a tree, two out of them were those who initially robbed us. It seemed like they had brought more manpower over, though I didn’t see the one who had an exceptionally long fur.

“The trees have died.”

The Mountain Goblins that resembled each other looked around the dark surroundings and continuously let out sounds.

“The trees have died. The Mountain Goblins’ place has died. The animals’ homes have disappeared.”

The short Mountain Goblins let out their cries as if confirming the fact, they cried with sorrows.

Veins have appeared on the Tripping Prince’s forehead as he glared at those Mountain Goblins fiercely and his face written full of words saying “I want to blast you guys away”.

“Please hold on. There are still many trees that have not died.” Asrian quickly stopped those Mountain Goblins that seemed to be crying louder and louder. But I think he most likely wanted to save these furry creatures.

Because even I could tell that if they continued crying a few more seconds, teh Tripping Prince would have sent them to the other end of Nai Bridge*.

[t/n: This is based on a Chinese legend referring to the bridge that humans cross to reach the afterlife.]

“So noisy. Don’t you guys know that there’s even an order to grieving the dead*!”

[T/N: This is actually a Chinese idiom that literally translates to “Five sons grieving the grave/dead” which describes the story of fives sons grieving for their dead mother.]

Five-Coloured Rooster, your focus is wrong.

Many are still alive. There’s faint sounds coming from beneath the ground.” The Lewd Horse who was at the side shook his head to send his message across to my head.

“Stop the commotion. There are still many trees alive.” I quickly delivered the Lewd Horse’s message from earlier to Asrian. I didn’t tell him about the Lewd Horse connecting with my head, but only briefly remarked that I heard just now when leaving the cave.

We spent some time to soothe the Mountain Goblins. Then, Asrian turned his head to look at the Lewd Horse.

After the Mountain Goblins have more or less quietened down, the Lewd Horse then stood up. Under the bonfire, his white body was giving off faint light, which made him look even more stunning. Those Mountain Goblins swallowed their saliva as they stared at the Lewd Horse.

The Lewd Horse stood next to the bonfire and then raised his head to look at the night sky.


No idea when it started, a gush of cool wind was concentrated around us. This was different from that amongst the dried forest. It was a completely pure breeze. After noticing this, Asrian stood up in surprise and then gently closed his eyes to let the chilly wind lift his hair.

Staring at the sky, I faintly saw a few transparent bodies flying above but I couldn’t see it clearly. My instinct told me that it wasn’t anything evil. In fact, upon closer listening, I could hear a girl’s laughter.

Those sounds penetrated into each corner of the forest.

After the wind covered every land, the Lewd Hore lowered his head, just like when I saw him at the pond back then. He let his horn tap on the ground that had already turned black and then the area around his body gave off a glow that was turning brighter and brighter.

Seeing such a situation, I don’t know if I should call it a holy sight. The Mountain Goblins that were initially very noisy suddenly knelt on the ground with a “thud” as they rambled and chunt out some unknown language and then kept bowing at the Lewd Horse and the sky, as if they were treating this action as divine.

But if they knew what the Lewd Horse was thinking right now, I think they wouldn’t continue bowing to him.

Tell the Mountain Goblins to thank me with many pretty sisters.

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