The Unique Legend 2 — The Ancient Night Vol. 1 (Chapter 11 Part 2)

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Chapter 11: The Deep Secret (Part 2)

The Lewd Horse took a very long time. When the hands on my watch hit three, the glow on his body finally slowly darkened.

“This is interesting.” The Five-Coloured Rooster squatted down to pat on the ground. After he had mentioned it, I noticed the ground that was black when we came over has gradually returned to the colour of mud, as if the toxins have slowly subsided.

Seeing this image, even the Tripping Prince who was usually filled with indifference had some expression.

At the same time when the glow on the Lewd Horse’s body had returned to its original state, he lifted his head and gently sat on the ground.

“Is there a problem?” Asrian was the first to regain his senses and quickly approached the Lewd horse. He squatted next to him and the Lewd Horse who obviously wouldn’t let go of such an opportunity conveniently stuffed his head into Asrian’s arms.

I’ll take a short rest. Cleaning the entire mountain at once is too tiring.

“I think Brother Shikin is too tired. He should be fine after a rest.” I quickly leaned over, trying to pull the horse head away but the Lewd Horse refused to give in and even rubbed onto Asrian’s body.

Clearly knowing the Lewd Horse’s personality, Asrian smiled at me and shook his head. Then, he sat on the ground to better let the Lewd Horse lay down, “I’m sure it was tiring for Shikin to cleanse such a vast area of land. Let’s take a break here for a while before heading back to the base.” As he spoke, he slightly avoided the Lewd Horse’s horn and gently supported his neck.

Oh oh oh–” The Lewd Horse’s voice was trembling with emotions.

I bet this was the first time he wasn’t beaten to one side and was even the silent approval to take advantage of the other so blatantly. Despite this, I noticed the Tripping Prince’s face looked oddly terrible. It clearly showed that he wanted to skin off the Lewd Horse and roast him over the campfire for breakfast.

“What! How much longer are we gonna wait?” The Five-Coloured Rooster who was completely disinterested in the cleansing of land let out his disgruntlement.

At this point, the Mountain Goblins were already singing in joy. They were probably singing praises as they circled around the Asrian and the Lewd Horse and bowed at them. But under the Tripping Prince’s glare, they shrunk their bodies to look for a tree that suddenly sprouted and prayed at it.

“Let me scout around to see if we can find out the reason for the Ghost races’ appearance.” The Tripping Prince who clearly didn’t want to be with us flung open his arms. A few red glows landed on the ground around the campfire. Then the dark red totem appeared and disappeared soon after. It was probably some kind of protection barrier.

But it looked more like a minefield to me. Who knows, someone might accidentally trigger a mine.

After setting up the barrier, the Tripping Prince disappeared amongst the dried forest that was gradually regaining its life.

“I’ll search for it on the other side.” The Five-Coloured Rooster who was bored to death grabbed the back of my collar, “Yang~ Let’s go.”

I didn’t say I wanted to go!

“I want to stay here…”

Interrupting my sentence, the Five-Coloured Rooster raised his voice, “What! Of course you are coming along with me! Who else could you go with! Yang~ Could it be that you’re going to betray me for glory?”

For glory my ass.

“Please wait a moment.” Amongst the Mountain Goblins that were still praying at a tree, one of them who was in a slightly different attire spoke in a very fluent Mandarin, “Fellow brave Guild members, thank you for your help.”

“I come and go like the wind!  I’m known as the blade in Jianghu. I’m not some insignificant Guild member!” The Five-Coloured Rooster turned his head away and answered the Mountain Goblin.

Clearly startled, the Mountain Goblin gave a blank look for a few seconds before opening his mouth and spoke, “M-mister Wind, I am a Priest from the Mountain Goblin…”

“Pfft!” I laughed.

“Bastard! I am Master Ziray!” The Five-Coloured Rooster nearly kicked the Mountain Goblin away. I quickly pulled him away.

The Mountain Goblin who was in shock took a few steps back and then stuttered, “T-those Dark creatures…have all headed towards…towards the west…”

“What’s in the west?” Asrian asked.

Noticing that Asrian’s tone was much better, the Mountain Goblin Priest let out a huge sigh of relief and quickly gestured at us, “The light of Darkness and stars have fallen. There was an odd energy and then the Dark path appeared. Those Dark creatures headed to the west and have searched for a very long time.”

Squinting his eyes, Asrian pondered for a moment before replying to the Mountain Goblin Priest, “Since you are a Priest of the Mountain Goblin, can you lead us the way to the source of that energy?”

The Mountain Goblin Priest suddenly revealed a very joyful expression and his face blushed, “I’m not very familiar…I might fail…But I will try…”

“It’s alright. Please try your best.” Asrian said while waving his hand at me.

The Mountain Goblin Priest happily ran over to make preparations.

“You can clearly tell that brat is a weakling. Isn’t it better to rely on ourselves?” The Five-Coloured Rooster said, while he sneered at the group of cheering Mountain Goblins.

“Mountain Goblins are living creatures of the mountain. They are a race that lives happily. Although they aren’t proficient in spells, they are still quite hard working.” Asrian said with a smile, “But I believe the mountain will help them. Similarly, I also want to ask Yangyang for help.”

 “Me?” I wanted to push the Lewd Horse away from Asrian but stopped when I was suddenly being called out. I looked at Asrian, startled.

“Yang?” The Five-Coloured Rooster turned to look at me. His startled expression of disbelief gave me a sudden urge to punch him.

“You’ve learnt quite a bit from the Devil Master race, haven’t you?”  Pressing his voice, Asrian glanced at the group of Mountain Goblins who didn’t seem to notice our discussion, “So I was thinking you could perhap assist the Goblin Priest with the preparation.”

“But I don’t really know much…” Especially regarding foreseeing, although the power of the Devil Master belongs to the Devil Master, it was somehow difficult for me to pick up the spells on Divination. I probably am not any better than the Mountain  Goblin Priest who barely knows anything.”

Also, if I had known this, I would have used it to buy a lottery ticket.

“No, that’s not what I mean. Do you still remember what you used when you went on a mission with Bing Ya?” Asrian gently stroked the horse’s mane and then tried to guide me, “Not all matters need to be dealt with directly. I think the Mountain Goblin’s Priest would also want to have more confidence in himself.” He shifted his body to take out a tiny crystal. 

Seeing the tiny crystal, I immediately knew what Asrian means.

I did something similar before.

“This is a very good experience. You’ll familiarise yourself with various situations soon.” Asrian approached my ear with his voice so low that even the Five-Coloured Rooster frowned his eyebrows, “I was also appointed as your external tutor on this journey.”

I nearly jumped, “Why didn’t I know about this?!”

“Of course, even if this is the Guild’s mission, you’d have to stop your lessons for leaving the Academy for so long. So I have applied for external tutor classes, where both Shudy and I will tutor you. Black Robes and Purple Robes are qualified as tutors. So you won’t need to repeat your classes once you return.” Asrian said something that I never knew and added on, “Your form teacher asked me to.”

Looks like my form teacher cares for me pretty much, but that’s not the issue here!

Forget about Asrian, why is the Tripping Prince included in this too!

“Then what about the Five-Coloured Rooter?” I pointed at that brat at the side.

“Heh, I’ve completed all the classes on assassination last semester. So it’s fine even if I skip classes this semester.” The Five-Coloured Rooster showed scorn towards me as if he was higher and mightier.

…What a despicable brat.

Pfft–” The Lewd Horse let out a laugh that made me want to give him a slap, “Your Academy is really interesting. I’ve never been to school and there are many pretty girls. I wanna go to school…

“Don’t even think about it!” This overaged Lewd Horse!

Asrian coughed, “Anyway, try using your Devil Master’s ability to support the Mountain Goblin.” He placed the crystal on my palm. There was an instant where I saw Asrian’s shadow overlapping with Senior’s. “If you say it’s possible, it’ll be possible.”

I looked at the clear crystal. The light within reflected my shadow.

Hm. It’ll be possible.

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