The Unique Legend 2 — The Ancient Night Vol. 1 (Chapter 11 Part 3)

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Chapter 11: The Deep Secret (Part 3)

“May I start?”

The Mountain Goblin Priest cowardly leaned over, bowed at the Lewd Horse with much respect and then looked at us.

“Do your best.” Asrian nodded his head.

The Mountain Goblin Priest instantly showed a big smile. Then, he picked up a thin branch that somehow had a carving on it and a small bag of items and walked next to the campfire. After he poured the contents of the small bag into the fire pit, the flames trembled a bit and then turned into an eerier green-colour flame with a red glow in the centre.

After he had thrown the items in, I tightened my hand that held the crystals as I tried to grasp a small amount of energy from the winds. Ritchie taught me this – to pay attention to the waves around my body – a long time ago.

The Mountain Goblin Priest surrounded the campfire that had changed colour and waved his hand that held the tree branch and sang out loud. Then, the short figure began circling the campfire and danced.

I closed my eyes and heard the Mountain Goblin Priest’s singing. I felt a gush of vitality flowing his body – as if it was a thread coming from the Mountain Goblin, it was rather faint but the energy continued swaying as he danced around.

As it was too fine, my many attempts to grasp the energy failed.



The Five-Coloured Rooster who was standing at the side gave me a scare when he suddenly shouted. It took me so much effort to calm myself down and now he’s ruined it all,  “What’s the matter?!” Do you naturally have something against me!

The Five-Coloured Rooster looked at me in deep thoughts, “Nothing.”

I nearly threw those crystals at his face. Calm down–

But after the Five-Coloured Rooster’s commotion, I noticed that something was gradually disappearing from around the Mountain Goblin Priest’s body – something that I didn’t notice earlier on.

I tried to fix my vision to the Mountain Goblin Priest and gathered my senses once again. As expected, I faintly saw that thing appearing.

Actually, was I supposed to see them like this?

Just as I was wondering, the thing on the Mountain Goblin Priest suddenly became more visible. At the same time, I saw a faint blue glow around me. It was as thin as a cling wrap and was irregular – it disappears and appears occasionally.

Like how Ritchie has taught me the first time, I reached out my hand to let those thin things slowly circle into a ball on my palm. When I was to hold onto them, those things instantly returned to their original spots.

I really could see them! 

After confirming this, those things became more obvious – as if there were more colours in the air – but disappeared the moment I got distracted.

After the wind blew, I saw there was a ray of clear glow around the crystals on my hand – like small tentacles waving around.

I took out a wind talisman and gently shook it, “Draw the wind.”

A flow of gentle breeze surrounded the crystal. Then, the crystal shattered into fine powder, which was carried by the breeze to the Mountain Goblin Priest. The Priest who was dancing didn’t seem to have noticed anything amidst.

If possible, he’ll succeed.

I watched the Mountain Goblin Priest whose power was fusing with the crystal powder as I focused my thinking.

Just when I had fixed my thinking, the green flames suddenly intensified, as if someone had added fuel to it. The Mountain Goblin Priest who was dancing beside managed to leap back in time. Green sparks were extinguished on his fur, which burnt off a tiny patch, making him look a little funny.

Not noticing his fur was being burnt away, the Mountain Goblin Priest opened his mouth suddenly out of surprise and let out a chain of roars that we didn’t quite understand. Then, he dashed over, wanting to drag Asrian over, but was firmly bitten by the Lewd Horse and turned to drag me over instead, “I succeeded! I succeeded!”

Being dragged over by the Mountain Goblin Priest for no reasons, those that were originally watching from far also came circling around the campfire, “Ugar succeeded!”

“Succeeded! Succeeded~” The other Mountain Goblins danced around at the side, as if this success was a very noble matter.

Hang on!

Does this mean that this Priest has never succeeded?

I turned to look at Asrian who shrugged his shoulders in return. The Lewd Horse spat after biting the Mountain Goblin while the Five-Coloured Rooster was digging his nose with a bored expression.

“How was this a success?” I looked at the bunch of joyful Mountain Goblins, then looked at the green flame but could not figure out what was a success.

The furry-faced Mountain Goblin laughed out loud and then reached out his hand into the green campfire. Surprisingly, he didn’t get burnt, but a small piece of the green flame suddenly cracked, as if it was alive and turned into a green-flamed squirrel. The squirrel let out a soft sound as it stood on the Mountain Goblin Priest’s palm, its deep green eyes blinked at us.

“The mountain curse of the Mountain Goblins.” The Mountain Goblin Priest placed his palm in front of me as if he was handing over a treasure.

To prevent myself from getting burnt by the green-flamed squirrel, I slightly took a step back, “Can this lead us to that weird strength?”

The excited Mountain Goblin Priest nodded his head immediately.

“Finally, we can go.” The Five-Coloured Rooster jumped up, “What are we waiting for?!”

Probably frightened by the Five-Coloured Rooster, the Mountain Goblin stuttered as he placed the flamed squirrel on the ground. Upon touching the ground, the squirrel floated from the ground by a few centimetres and then the surrounding turned into flames of the same colour.

…I really want to look at a squirrel in fire rollerblades.

That squirrel in fire rollerblades let out a few sounds like a toy and then turned its head and disappeared into the forest, without giving any signs.

“Hurry up and catch up! Stop lazing around!” The Five-Coloured Rooster slapped my back and then chased after the squirrel.

Have you been watching Yes, Sir* lately?!

[t/n: Yes, Sir is an army-film series produced in Taiwan.]

After the pain in my back subsided, I used the wind spell around myself to quickly catch up while feeling convinced that the Five-Coloured Rooster had left a bruised on my back.

That squirrel in fire rollerblades ran a little fast and would stop to wait for us at certain intervals. Because its entire body was in green flames, it appeared to be a ball of ghost flames that was leading us the way from far.

Could it be that this is how the ghost flames in the Sealed world originate?

The likelihood of that was high. I often meet nonsensical people in this World. Who knows, there might be a certain type that really likes randomly flying flames.

Those Mountain Goblins didn’t follow – only the Five-Coloured Rooster and I ran for it. Thanks to the support from the wind spell, I managed to catch up a little. If I didn’t learn this wind spell, I bet I would’ve become a carry-around bag…though this is still often the case.

Do those who like to carry me around actually know how long my legs are?!

Just when I was pondering over the likelihood of ghost flames, the Five-Coloured Rooster who was running in front halted. I wasn’t able to react in time to remove my wind spell and ended up colliding into him from behind. This collision made the Five-Coloured Rooster fall flat onto the ground with his limbs spread wide apart, following which, I also fell on him.

In front of us, the squirrel in fire rollerblades let out a chuckle.

“Uwaaa!” Crap. I actually squeezed the Five-Coloured Rooster like a rice dumpling!

I sprung up immediately and could feel the Rooster that was pressed onto the ground and quickly gathered a sense of dark aura.

“Hahahahahahaha… Little did I expect myself to get attacked from behind one day…” Lying flat on the ground, the Five-Coloured Rooster let out an eerie laughter, “As the saying goes, all heroes die…”

I’ve never heard of any colourful heroes.

Before the Five-Coloured Rooster went out of control, I quickly pulled him off the ground. Bet I’d need to kneel and beg for his forgiveness many times… This sounds like I do it very often, but I’m certain I’ve only done this to the Five-Coloured Rooster once.

It’s a miracle to be alive till now!

Luckily the Five-Coloured Rooster’s attention was captured by the squirrel in fire rollerblades after he stood up to pat the dirt away from him and completely forgot about pursuing the matter with me.

We have unknowingly left the boundaries of the forest. Right now, in front of us is a patch of loess land, like those that belonged in the valleys. It was once a flourishing grassland that died and was cleansed by the earth.

There were potholes on the ground, indicating that someone had been digging around. It was full of deep holes, with tools like shovels left behind nearby.

I’m sure a handful of ghost races were here digging before our arrival.

The squirrel in fire rollerblades expanded its body and its green flames blazed stronger, lighting up the valley which allowed us to have a greater vision.

Although its steps were light, I was very tired. The potholes around made me fall into them whenever I got careless – some were shallow and some were deep – and the path was very uneven.

The Five-Coloured Rooster who was completely not troubled by this hummed “Turn On The Disco Ball”* as he followed the squirrel to the other end.

[t/n: Click here for the actual song.]

By the time I reached the other end, I was panting and tired to death.

After bringing us around the borders of the valley for a distance, the squirrel in fire rollerblades suddenly plunged itself to sit next to the mountain wall and stopped moving.

“What’s here?” The Five-Coloured Rooster looked around with doubts. Like me, he only saw the mountain wall and that’s all.

The squirrel in fire rollerblades grumbled, and then used its claws to scratch on the surface of the mountain wall before sitting back down.

“It’s inside?” Knocking the mountain wall, the Five-Coloured Rooster’s hand turned into beast claws and then clenched them–

“Wait!” I quickly stopped him, “Let me do it instead!” Are you kidding me? If it was something important, his punch would have shattered it all!

“What?! Are you trying to challenge my position?” The Five-Coloured Rooster used a “try if you dare” aura as he glared at me.

“No… I mean… You shouldn’t trouble yourself with small matters like this. Let me do it instead.” Damn it. Why do I need to lower myself?! I already feel despair.

“Oh. Then, I’ll leave it to your, lad.” Patting my shoulder firmly, the Five-Coloured Rooster happily stood aside, “Quickly get to work, lad!”

… I want to cry.

The squirrel mumbled and moved its body.

“Minas.” I held my weapon in my hand once again. I guess if I want to split open the mountain wall and not break the thing inside, I would need a bullet that is sharp, right?

Analysing the mountain wall, I fired a shot in front.

The bullet in its fluid state instantly penetrated into the mountain wall. A few seconds later, the mountain wall began to shake. Before I thought of what was inside, the piece of mountain wall fell in front of me, as if it had been dug out by a blade.

I took a step backwards and the cut mountain wall fell onto the ground with a ‘thud’. The surface cut was clean and neat, without any uneven spots.

Maybe I can bring Minas along to sell sashimi slices if I become jobless in future since her blades are akin to those of top-tiered sushi masters.

Sorry, I’m unable to accept that offer.” Minas immediately read my mind and let out a faint rebut.

What a pity.

After the mountain wall was dug out, the squirrel in fire rollerblades jumped into that hole.

To be honest, before I fired that shot, I was short two seconds’ of a moment of thought that it was some kind of historic relic or artefacts or some evil crystal ball. But I swear I didn’t expect myself to see this item–

A safe.

Why is a safe from my World being buried in the mountain wall? What’s more, it’s even being sought after by a bunch of ghost race!

But isn’t this a bit too eye-catching? What kind of common sense is this to place important stuff in a safe?!

The Five-Coloured Rooster’s face turned blank for three seconds, “Is the Ghost Race lacking money to the extent that they can’t even buy a safe?!”

I think what they want is the item in the safe, not the safe itself.

“There’s probably something in the safe.” I leaned on the hole as I tried to pull out the safe. The safe was surprisingly unbelievably safe, which was different from the weight of a usual safe that I am familiar with.

Without thinking much, I grabbed the sides of the safe and pulled it outwards. But the safe let out a faint noise the moment it was moved and I immediately knew that a big trouble was coming.

I forgot that there would always be traps in treasure hunting!

Before I could react, someone suddenly grabbed my collars and fell backwards. When my butt fell on the ground, that squirrel in fire rollerblades was also thrown over onto me.

Luckily it was temperature-less, otherwise I would be on fire now.

A black-colour cloth brushed past my face. It wasn’t the Five-Coloured Rooster, but the person who should have gone on a different path from us.

Standing at the spot where I stood earlier, the Tripping Prince did a few hand gestures, and the hole that Minas dug instantly revealed a silver totem. At that instance, sounds of explosions came from within the hole. Since there was a protection spell, the outside was not at all affected.

After the sounds of explosion, something collided aggressively onto the Tripping Prince’s spell.

Without frowning his brows, he flicked his fingers and the second round of explosions was heard. This time, the explosion blasted that thing that was colliding against the Tripping Prince’s spell into pieces, even its original state could not be told.

The series of actions was completed in a few seconds. After seeing that there was no more danger, the Tripping Prince removed the spell and turned to look at the Five-Coloured Rooster and me, who had fallen onto our butts, “Don’t you lowly races know how to handle traps like this?” He sneered after finishing his words, completely looking down on us.

“I was about to handle it. Why did you interrupt? Trying to be a step ahead, are you rushing for rebirth?” Refuting back quickly, the Five-Coloured Rooster was just a step away from poking his nostrils.

“Hmph. I really don’t know why Asrian brought you two burdens along.” After he had completely scorned us, the Tripping Prince turned around and pulled out the dirty safe that was covered with dust from the explosions and placed it on the ground.

Although I was certain that it was a safe, but why would a safe appear out of no reason in the mountain wall of the Sealed World? This is totally abnormal! Could this be some sort of cover to let its pursuers overlook its existence?

To confirm that it was not a safe, I swallowed my saliva and politely asked the one-and-only Black Robe, “May I ask what is this?”

The Tripping Prince turned to look at me. His expression has gone from ‘completely scorning’ to ‘completely scorning after completely scorning’.

“As expected from a lowly uneducated lowlife that you don’t know what a safe is, stupid.” He looked at me as if I was an idiot and then showed me his ten out of ten disdain.

I really shouldn’t have asked him.

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