1. Can I request a novel for you to translate?

Drop a request on our discord server and we’ll think about it.

  1. Can I re-translate your translation into another language?

Please contact us.

  1. When do you release chapters?

Chapter release is a little inconsistent because we are also juggling real life commitments and we don’t want to compromise the quality of our work. Rest assured, we’ll do a release whenever we complete a chapter!

  1. Where can I get the raws?

Here are the raws for UL2 , Starry Sky, and Welcome Aboard The Chaos Train.

  1. How can I support the author?

You can do so by directly purchasing raw! A guide to using bookwalker.com can be found here.

  1. Can you release chapters faster?

If you give a donation, maybe we’ll be more motivated and prioritise working on the chapters here. 😡

  1. How can I get notified of new updates?

You can join our discord server and/or follow our website on WordPress!

  1. Why are the chapters in parts?

Because some people don’t want to wait 2 months for 1 chapter to be out. (I’m like that.)

  1. How do I inform you if there are mistakes in the work?

Drop us a message on discord!

  1. Why is my comment not showing up in the comment section?

Comments are being regulated. Just wait for one of us to get notified and approve it~

  1. Is there a dark theme/mode?

Maybe in the future if we become a little more tech savvy? ;-;